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The history of the club reflects changes that have taken place in a community that was the rural home of farmers and fisherman when the club was founded. The depression, World War II, and international travel combined to change the vacation habits of summer visitors and local residence began to find their way onto the golf course and into the clubhouse. 
In the 1970s, it became obvious that local participation was the only cure for the ailing club
. Recapitalization provided funds for repairs to the buildings, course and courts. A population explosion and a successful membership drive insured a bright future for one of the oldest and most beautiful country clubs.


Donald Ross, the famous golf course architect who helped to lay out parts of the York course. Donald James Ross managed to help reshape the face of American sports. He left behind a legacy of 399 golf courses that he either designed or redesigned.

During Ross’ heyday in the 1920s, he was the country’s most prolific creator of golf courses.

Donald Ross designed the York Golf course in the early 1900’s. Now known as the William Wilson Course (In- Recognition of long time Club golf professional), it remains a showcase for golf throughout the Maine and Seacoast area.



In the 1890s, York Harbor was a flourishing summer resort that attracted affluent vacationers from New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Providence, and other winter retreats. It was during this period that the country club movement began in the United States. The yacht club, the social club, and the country club were manifestations of a movement to provide private facilities, where the socially prominent could interact without interference from locals. 

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Thomas Nelson Page, a lawyer, writer, and a civic leader, convened “a meeting of gentleman, interested in providing a new golf course at York “ on August 30, 1900. The History of the York Country Club from its findings was through the 1920s when there were 4500 clubs in the United States. The 1930s through the 1950s a few members regularly wrote personal checks to keep the club open; it was the revival of 1960s sparked by Richard Tufts of Pinehurst; and the return to prosperity with the population of the 1970s through 1980s. 
York Country Club was originally boosted with 27 holes of golf, 12 clay, tennis courts, a golf, pro shop, locker room, a croquet ground and a clubhouse. Since 1901, there have been only four golf professionals, thanks to the long 10 years of William “Willie” Wilson and Richard “Dick“ McLeod. The golf course has been named for Wilson, a colorful import from Scotland, who gave lessons for 60 years.


The tennis facility consists of six Har-Tru and two hard surface courts. Our professionally staffed, full-service tennis facility offers unsurpassed quality programming for the novice through advanced player, and youngsters through senior players. The ultimate goal of our seasoned tennis staff is to promote activities for every level.

Activities include adult programs, junior clinics and camps, junior team tennis, leagues, round robins, tennis socials, tournament play and more


The “Old Clubhouse” was built in 1900 and served as the original member clubhouse, perched high on a bluff overlooking the York River. Converted into an elegant Wedding destination over the years. It features spacious verandas and boasts spectacular views in all directions. The Clubhouse maintains the charm and character of the era that it was constructed in with handsome molding and vintage lighting. We have a built-in bar as well as our own full kitchen that will deliver delicious food freshly prepared for you and your guests. 



The New Clubhouse includes the Golf Pro Shop and a full bar and grill for our guests to enjoy. The deck overlooks the golf course and hosts some of our fun and exciting member events.


York Golf & Tennis Club holds an incredible amount of history. We wanted to showcase all the people present, and past who paved the way to the progression of York Golf & Tennis Club. Our committee came together, and decided to build an area where we can install an Honor Wall. Currently we have numerous plaques, benches, and horonrary things placed throughout our property. This honor wall will continue grow as there are many more people that continue to make our club the best it can be. 



This is the new addition to our club for limited members only.

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