SMWGA12016 Membership in Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association

  • Membership in SMWGA enables women golfers to enjoy a variety of beautiful Maine courses, many of which are private, at very reasonable prices.
  • Season membership in SMWGA is $30.00.
  • There are two divisions separated by GHIN handicap indices:
    A- 0 to 23.4 and B- 23.5 to 36.
  • Some tournaments mix the As and Bs, but most tournaments are for either As or Bs and are listed that way on the SMWGA schedule.

Here’s how the SMWGA experience works:

    • Ask another SMWGA member from York to join you in playing a course on the schedule. (There will be a list of SMWGA members from York in the locker room).
    • Fill out a card (it can be printed off the SMGWA website) as a twosome and send it, with a $25.00 fee for each of you, to the SMWGA address below or pay 26.00 each if you enter the tournament online using the SMWGA website.  Some special tournaments cost a little more than 25.00.  In the past, we’ve gotten people together and carpooled (you’d need to request similar tee times on the entry card and there is a place on the website entry form for such requests).
    • If you can’t find a York member for a tourney you want to play, you can ask SMWGA to match you up with someone from another club (as they do in the Seacoast Invitationals).
    • Check the SMWGA website for your tee time.
    • Your entry card must be mailed, or you must enter online, approximately two weeks before the tournament.  They list the deadline dates on the SMWGA schedule.
    • You’ll pay a fee at the club for a cart when you get there.
    • Your twosome will be paired by SMWGA with a twosome from another club.  There are some tournaments for which you could form a foursome from York.
    • With the exception of the Championship Tourneys, lunch will be on your own.

I will be attending the SMWGA spring meeting on April 27.  If you’d like me to take your membership check to the meeting give me a call.  I’ll post a copy of this year’s tournament schedule in the ladies’ locker room for your perusal after this meeting, but they do have it posted on the SMWGA website if you’d like to see it before then.

If you’d like to join after April 27, 2016
Join online at SMWGA 0r mail your membership check to:

58 Val Halla Road
Cumberland, ME 04021

If you’re interested, call me and I will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Marsha Shaw